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    Thread: How many fish can I add?

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      How many fish can I add?

      I have a 3400 gallon pond that has been doing pretty well. I am using a 4000gph pump. The water levels are normal. I currently have four real koi in it (they are close to 12in.) then I have maybe 10 gold fish in there. Which they are all different sizes. Two of which are about one foot. My question is how many more could I add? I also have a 300 gallon stock tank that has four very small kois in it (about 3 inches.) when they get a little bigger Ill add them to the pond. I know that kois and goldfish will get big so I am keeping that in mind. I dont want to overstock the pond. Just wondering if I could add anymore fish to it. I was thinking about maybe picking up about 5 or 6 coment goldfish tomorrow to add. Or maybe another koi.

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      People will say a lot more, others will say you are over stocked. Maybe to better assess things, what is your filtration and how big/often are your water changes?

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