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    Thread: Diminishing marginal growth?

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      Diminishing marginal growth?

      Through experience we first put 7 fish in a pond. Then we decide to put an 8th fish. Then when we put the 9th I noticed that it does not grow as large as the first 8 fish. Is it possible that there is a shrinking marginal growth potential among koi in ponds? Since the new koi fish had to already share pond space with the existing fish already? Or maybe its possible that the fish has genetics that do not make it grow as large?

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      people like to vehemently defend their purchases and find it incredulous that anything could be better

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      It's usually a number of things. Koi and goldfish secrete a growth inhibiting hormone called somatostatin, so unlike other fish, they really do grow to fit the size of the pond. The more that are in the pond and the less you do water changes, the more built up this hormone will be and new fish will be effected more each time. Higher nitrates may also effect a fish's growth, but I don't have a scientific essay to quote for that one. It can also be in part to genetics. Theres a lot to consider.

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