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    Thread: Sick Tamasaba?

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      Sick Tamasaba?

      For the past couple of weeks, one of my Tamasaba has been laying face down all the time and occasionally doing what appears to be like slow-motion "flashing".

      Netted him out of the Koi pond today and currently in a 10 gallon hospital tank. I just started a shotgun treatment(Proform C & Prazi) to see if that'll help. I also have some elbagin on hand.

      Is this parasitical, bacterial, or just an issue with buoyancy?
      Being in a Koi pond, he's been having difficulty chasing floating pellets with all the rivals and seems to stop eating when I switched to a sinking type(different brand)

      Please don't mind the red veining in the tail as it has always been like that and this behavior only started recently. Purchased over a year ago.

      PS: During the move, I noticed the head appears to be a bit "bubbly" like a Ranchu...is this normal on a Tamasaba? Breeders is Yamacho Koi Farm(Chogoro)

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      Sorry to hear about your sick goldfish. That is one looking goldfish.
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      You may be wasting money on all of the treatments as I have seen this repetitively over the years with mine. They have a tendency to intake air while eating and with their large body and poor fin strength they end up resting and floating rear side up until the gas moves through their system. Repashy super gold is a great food I feed when this happens as it has a tendency to keep them fed while moving the digestive track a little faster. There are a few variants from repashy, but isolating and feeding them that has worked well for me.

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      That head growth tells me he's likely been over fed or fed the wrong foods... Excess protein most likely. He also looks more chubby than I would expect. The behavior looks like typical swim bladder disorder. The compact bodied fish are prone to this. Over feeding them or feeding them the wrong foods makes it 100x worse. Once it has advanced to a certain point, there's often nothing that can be done. Larger fish are more prone to it, as well. Taking him off dry foods for a while and seeing if he normalizes is an idea.

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