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    Thread: Goldfish Control

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      Goldfish Control

      I have what appears to be a common problem of too many goldfish (50+) in what is a 5000 gallon Koi pond (6 Koi). I would like to keep about 5-6 of the nicer looking larger goldfish for mosquito control but would like to keep their breeding in check. I have access to Bluegill in the creek on my property. Do you think they would help to control the goldfish fry or am I just swapping one problem for another?

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      Bluegill are swapping a problem with a bigger problem. Try fish traps with openings too small for larger koi. Minnow traps work baited with greens or net wrapped pouches of fish food. You can also throw a little food in and dip net them. This is what we do. Time consuming but interesting nonetheless.

      It was once suggested to us treating the pond with supaverm since goldfish can't tolerate it but koi can.
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      One option is a net. It will catch everything on you 5k pond. Then you can release anything t hi ing you want to keep, discard and cull as needed

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      koi4u2c is offline Senior Member
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      In my larger 2 ponds (17,000 and 5,000 gallons), I do not have a goldfish problem. In the 5,000 gallon pond all goldfish have disappeared over the years. I think bull frogs eventually took care of them, but for whatever reason they are gone. It has butterfly koi and even a few butterfly fry survived for the last several years.

      In my 17,000 gallon pond I have a few very nice sarassa comets. I wish they would breed, and I think they do, but I rarely ever see any new goldfish. I really wish I did. My theory is get very nice goldfish and you won't have any new ones.

      Now my 3,000 gallon QT tank with a few koi, I threw in a few ugly goldfish until I could get rid of them and they breed every year. I tried to get them all out for the last several years but always miss a few and then more babies. I want the butterfly koi in that tank to spawn, they have not.

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