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    Thread: Treating koi for red streaks

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      Treating koi for red streaks

      My koi are recovering from the ammonia spike and being handled during the clean out of the pond 6 weeks ago. Before realizing there was a problem we lost 3 large koi. Besides stabilizing the water I added beneficial bacteria, and upgraded the aeration system, I treated for parasites with ProC and then Fenbendazole for flukes. Also used some Melafix. We have excellent well water so chlorine and additives are not an issue. We have 8000 gallons and carry a fish load of 15 that range is size from 8" to 22". The pond has been operating for 15 years with no problems up until this year. In fact, the most we have ever done is water changes, aeration, filter, vacuum, and clean-outs every few years. The water from the well is about 60F but I have never noticed any adverse effects on the fish during water changes (usually no more than 10 to 20%). About 3 or 4 of the koi still have some red streaks in their tails but no fin loss and they have returned to eating and behaving normally. I read that low KH (50ppm) can contribute to red streaks, especially in butterfly koi (?), so yesterday I began trying to raise the KH by adding baking soda, which caused the ammonia level to rise from 0 to .25ppm. I do not want to handle these koi again to put in QT and would like to avoid using antibiotics. Can I expect them to continuing healing without using antibiotics? These fish are not easy to catch and it usually stresses out the whole group to get in the pond and catch them. All of them just returned to coming to the surface and feed last week after the events of the last 6 weeks. This evening when we feed I wlll get some pictures of the affected koi and post them. Any insights, reassurance or advice would be appreciated.
      KH 6 drops
      Ammonia .25
      Nitrites 0
      Nitrates 0
      Water Temperature 80F (100F here with no rain for almost weeks)

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      Sorry I missed this until now!

      Yes, water quality absolutely can create what you are describing. Unfortunately, a number of things can but you should address water quality first as that will influence the others.
      Beneficial bacteria (in your filters/pond) need KH to convert from ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. It is expended in the process so you have to maintain a good amount of KH so the ammonia will be converted. Not doing so risks a pH crash and fish loss.
      Make sure you bind any ammonia present in pond before adding baking soda to raise the KH.

      I hope things are in good order now.
      Still learning as I go but y'all can call me Marilyn

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