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    Thread: Filter backwash - power cycle, bypass or shutoff?

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      Question Filter backwash - power cycle, bypass or shutoff?

      I am in the process of figuring out plumbing for a new Zakki Sieve. I have an Ultima II 4000 filter. With my current setup, I can divert water from the pump directly to our bog, cutting off flow to the filter so I can change modes on the filter valve. This is because the bog is never fed from the filter. In my new setup, I want everything, including the bog going through the filter.

      In order to change modes when backflushing, Aqua Ultraviolet says to shut off the pump before each change. A typical backflush entails 7 power cycles. This seems like it would be a bit hard on the pump motor. So, I am looking for advice from those who have bead filters (and those that don't) for the best approach for backflushing. I see 3 options:

      1. Power cycle the pump
      2. Plumb a bypass around the filter
      3. Put a shut-off valve on the filter inlet

      The problem with the bypass is that Aqua Utraviolet says I would need a check valve on the output to avoid reverse flow. Therefore I would need a 3-way valve on the inlet, a check valve and tee on the outlet. That's a fair amount of friction loss all the time to enable an operation that only takes a few minutes a week.

      Therefore I am considering just putting a ball valve on the inlet of the filter. I would close it when changing modes on the filter, accomplishing the same as turning the pump off. This could also serve as an overall flow control valve. My big question here is, what is harder on the pump, power cycling it, or completely shutting off flow with a ball valve for a few seconds?

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      I have a bypasses plumbed around both my bead filter and another that bypasses the bead filter multiport valve.

      Only the front ball valve is opened and closed during the entire backflush cycle, the "exhaust" or discharge valve is closed thru the entire cycle. The bypass valves of the multiport valve are closed all the time the multiport valve is needed. For each change to the multiport valve, I open the bypass valve and close the bead filter supply valve, the pump remains operational all the time. Not a big thing.

      I repeat the process when ever the multiport valve is changed. Once I have completed the bead filter cleaning, I open both the front and discharge (exhaust) valves of the bead filter and close the bypass valve. I also open the bypass valves to bypass the multiport valve. It is alot of valves! Possibly toooo much planning by a old engineer!! If you open and close valves too fast you can hear the water hammer, and that isn't good for piping.

      After all this, I imagine it is just as good to turn off and on the pump and leave all those valves on the store shelf! But it seemed like a good thing to do.

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      I just turn the pump on and off when cleaning my bead filter. I've not had any issues so far.
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