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    Thread: New Koi Pond Houston Texas

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      I’m also in the greater Houston area (Katy) and I highly suggest you get involved with the Lone Star Koi Club. Lots of experienced people willing to help. I like the Nelson Water Gardens guys and their store. I buy a lot of plants and stuff from them, but when it comes to building ponds it always seems they push, push and push the bog filters. Bog filters are a pain to clean and keep. They might look beautiful the first 6 months and then the plants start overgrowing and things go south from there. Nelson’s can’t even keep their own store ponds clear so I guess customer’s pond will fall to the same problems. Their main pond is always full of floating matter and its too shallow for those big koi they have there. The other ponds have lots of decaying plants and look messy.

      I hope for the best but maybe its too late to put proper filtration in place. And from what I’ve heard, you must be paying a small fortune for a water garden that might not be ideal for Koi fish.

      Good Luck and see you at the Lone Star Koi Club.


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      Quote Originally Posted by msdclark View Post
      stevek - no other filtration system outside of the bog filter
      we honestly wish you the best and want you to be happy with your new pond. Everyone understands that starting out in the hobby is very difficult when you rely on a local " expert " who wants to design a pond a certain way that is different than the advice you get here. I also had my ponds designed by a local expert, and now am stuck because the cost to alter the structure of the ponds would be exorbitant due to the massive boulders used in the excavation. I have redone all the filtration which has improved things, but will never have the ideal set up . I wish I had found this site before I finalized the design.

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