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    Thread: Dasheen Mosaic Virus

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      Dasheen Mosaic Virus

      Ok this crap is starting too get on the side of me it dont want too see. This beautiful Healthy pot of Xanthosoma that was so beautiful. Did not even have any of its on virus at the time. last year it never got messed up at all. Anyway I pulled it out from under the shade house and pulled the weeds and fertilized it with a few handfullls of Jobes Organic Ferilizer no I dont measure just always have thrown handfulls even the granulated kind. Anyway yesterday I even watered it with Fish fertilizer 2-4-0 today I was looking at it going too wash the Virginia Creeper flower buds off the leaves and I saw this.. Well i am going too keep an eye on it. Its a new leaf and although I can hope for fertilizer burn. Something tells me its not but I am not going too toss it. there is just too much of this stuff going around. I dont think you can protect yourself from it. I for one might be sticking my head under the chopping block but I am going too see if the strong overthrows this virus. This is not the first plant I have found this in this year.
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