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    Thread: Butterfly Koi fin issue, need advise

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      SanfordLopez is offline Junior Member
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      Butterfly Koi fin issue, need advise

      Hello all, I've had this fish for approx 6 years, it is 24 inches long and the left fin is bent and looks funny and very awkward for the fish to swim. I noticed a few years back but it seems to be getting a little worse. Is there anything I can do to fix or help the fish. This fish went though very rough times when I first set my pond up. I did everything wrong at first from not enough oxygen to the full blast ammonia with new pond syndrome.
      for approx the past 5 1/2 years the water tests show
      0 Ammonia
      0 Nitrite
      10-20 Nitrate
      PH 8
      KH 120, I put in a half cup of baking soda every week with 10 to 15% water change
      use Vanish declor and a little of the product called Ultimate or Pond Prime on weekly water change
      Also I have a digital salinity reader and I bring the salt level up to .3 for a few months then I let it get low again after many water changes then I bring back up again.
      Also no winters for pond, I'm in Southern CA

      I do notice my fish flashing periodically, they have all done this since I started the pond.

      Thanks in advance for any advise or help.

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      koi4u2c is offline Senior Member
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      Some times a butterfly koi's fin will get injured and there will be a temporary period of time when he holds the fin close to it's body with very little movement. Most of the time it will recover.

      I have learned it is best not to net butterfly koi, but gently guide them into a container of water without lifting them from the water. When butterfly koi thrash around in a net, there is a good chance they will injury or permanently damage a fin.

      This does not appear to be the issue with your butterfly. He has very thin and poor pectoral fins. Notice that the bad one is curling. It will most likely continue to get worse as the fish grows. It is probably genetic and not from an injury.

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      Rob Forbis is offline Senior Member
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      Nov 2008
      Orlando, FL
      When longfins are small a deformed pectoral fin may not be noticeable. But once they get older it becomes apparent.

      I have had a couple of these Nemos, they are often otherwise nice fish. It is because they looked nice when little that they were not culled. I gave away a pretty longfin benigoi from last year’s flock spawn that had the same failed fin. The fin will not improve.

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      I also have had some that became apparently deformed the older they became. They still eat and live fine...they just are different.
      Koi Health Care Committee Member

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