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    Thread: Sanke with weak hi

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      Sanke with weak hi

      I wasn't sure which forum would be best to put this question in, as I know that the hi on this female sanke is not good. As best I can describe the hi, it looks weak and thin. I am considering re-homing this koi. Should I expect the condition of the hi to ever improve very much? Or is this the way it is likely to stay?

      If it matters, I think the koi is 3 years old. It has grown quite a bit since I got it a year-and-a-half ago, from 13" to over 20". When I received it after ordering it from internet photos, I noticed that the hi did not seem as strong as I thought it would be from the photos.

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      I'm not sure I would call this weak Beni, it seems the same tone throughout the koi. I agree it may be thinner and might not be of the quality you desire. You have gotten decent growth without the Beni breaking which attests that it is fairly strong. It could be the color tone isn't as appealing but Beni comes in lots of different tones. Some are more sought after than others.

      What I would recommend is when your water is 74-80 degrees, feed some color food for 2-4 weeks and see if that helps. I've used Saki Hikari and JPD color foods with success.

      Another recommendation would be to make sure you are keeping up on your water changes and minimizing any waste that remains in the water. This could be cleaning the filters more often or just doing more frequent water changes. Smaller amounts more frequently work very well. This will help the overall skin condition and bring them to their best. When we are feeding more heavily, the introduction of more fresh water is a good thing. The warmer the water, the heavier the feeding, the more water should be changed out to maintain condition.
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