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    Thread: Incredible, Edible Seed.

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      Incredible, Edible Seed.

      Lotus seed that is. I mentioned elsewhere that I had purchased some lotus this year; 2 of which will produce large edible tubers and two of which had been selected in China for the taste of the seed. Today I noticed a few pods with the tell-tail crook at the juncture of pod and stem which , to me, indicates the pod is ripening. You want the edible seed while it is still green and I was able to reach three pods today that appeared to be ready..

      Once you pop the seed out of the pod, you need to remove the green seed coating to get to the tasty, starchy endosperm. I have always heard you need to split the seed and remove the green embryo, as it is bitter. I sampled a few seed and the texture is wonderful....soft but firm ( almost crunchy ) and the taste reminds me of a hazelnut. Curiosity did get the better of me and so, I tasted the embryo. It is not urban myth....they are bitter and best removed . < g >
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      Very cool! And Craig thank you for the Hymencallis it is doing well!
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