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    Thread: Finally spawned

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      DangerDave is offline Senior Member
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      Finally spawned

      Here in Tampa I would have expect spawn a few months back, on the tails of cooler weather. However, my school choose to wait for the rainy season and this morning that lovely odor and thrashing about was afoot.

      I've read that people do a water change (10% I assume) when this happens. What I don't know is the timing. How do you know when they are done? Or just do it within 24 hours? 48 hours?
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      congrats on the spawn . its still quite here

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      HAMMATRON is offline Member
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      Dave - didn't see this post sooner. In the past few years, I have generally waited until later the same evening or the next day to change water.
      Also, the main concern is with the ammonia spiking due to all the new "stuff" floating around and settling throughout the pond & filters. You'll want to scoop out as many of the eggs as you can (I assume this has already been done, now that this post is a week old) and I will typically do water changes just about daily, until the ammonia is back down.

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      Quote Originally Posted by HAMMATRON View Post
      Dave - didn't see this post sooner. ...
      You may not have seen it prior because this thread was moved earlier today into this forum from the "Breeders, Bloodlines & More" forum.

      Dave: How are they coming? Do you have free-swimming fry now? Water changes can help keep the ammonia down, but also and ammonia binder like Ammo-Lock or Fritz ACCR can help keep things safe until the filter starts doing its job.

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