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    Thread: Fat, sick or pregnant?

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      Fat, sick or pregnant?

      I cleaned my pong about a month ago and since then the fish seemed happy. I even think I saw them getting frisky, meaning they were chasing each other around. Well this week I noticed my biggest fish (see pics) is keeping to himself, not swimming much and has gained a lot of size. I would like to know what's up with it. I dont know the sex of the fish. Thank you.
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      JackiesNjpond We are glad you are here.
      I moved your thread to Emergency & Health Issues. I'm sure someone will chime in soon.

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      looks like dropsy to me

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      Very sick I am not sure you can save it. I am sorry I dont have the know how too help save it. There are a lot of people here that can help you with better answers though. Nguyen is correct is saying it has dropsy or Pineconing when the scales stand out like that.
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      I'm sorry this brings to you Koiphen.

      Yes, it looks like dropsy, I'm afraid. The scales are doing what we call pine coning. This is a dire situation and most do not recover.

      If you would like to try and save this koi, here are the steps I would do:

      1) Set up a smaller tank that you can control the heat. Something between 100-300 gallons is okay.
      2) Add salt to .8-.9 using pure salt from Home Depot or the like. Make sure it is pure salt, no chemicals added and not pelletized.
      3) Add a therapeutic like Elbagin to the water at a rate of 10 grams per ton of water. A ton is 250 gallons.
      4) Contact a vet and get an injectable medication like Amikacin. Do the first injection as soon as you have the medication.
      5) Once you have the Elbagin in the water and/or have done the first injection, raise the water temp 3 degrees the first day, then 2 degrees every day until you are maintaining 74 degrees.
      6) Keep the koi quiet by shielding the top of the tank 80-90%. The open part is for air exchange.

      I have recovered two koi from dropsy but they were not as severe as this one is. I also had everything I needed on hand and was able to start the treatment quickly.
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      This koi should be euthanized asap. Sorry
      When you cleaned your pond. There is the possibility the koi ingested something that has created this issue.

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      The cause of dropsy is an inability for the kidneys to expel water from the fish. The causes are kidney failure which antibiotics tend to exacerbate due to the antibiotics hammering the kidneys, or a large open ulcer, usually on the bottom of the fish, which is a breach in the membrane called skin, allowing pond water to flow freely into the fishes tissues trying to equalize the salinity of the pond with the salinity of the fishes blood, about 0.9%. It is that breach in the skin that can effectively be corrected by getting the pond salinity at or near the 0.9%, removing the majority of the water movement, allowing the kidneys to catch up. Treatment of the open ulcer is best done with antibiotics as stated by Marilyn, injectibles being the most effective, but Tricide Neo can be used in the event you are unable to source injectibles. Injectible antibiotics must be filled by a veterinarian and they are reluctant to prescribe a treatment for a fish, unless they are an aquatics vet, or you have an extremely good relationship.

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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