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    Thread: Fresh Water Supply Filtering (and Softening)

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      Quote Originally Posted by exercisequeen View Post
      Sorry to hijack your thread, but will hard water cause a fish that was nice fairly white face to turn a dirty white? The fish I get never stay a pretty white.
      That isn't an easy absolute yes or no. There are simply too many factors that figure in to nice pure Shiroji. Some of the factors include the cleanliness of the water, as evidenced by the post Russ made above, the quality and ingredients in the koi food you use and genetics. There are others too but those are the big ones.

      The post Russ made was to show that even with harder water, if you can do a good flow through to remove contaminants in the water from waste and such, the skin will be better and the koi will improve. The caveat is to make sure that the water you are adding is beneficial. In our situation, we needed to remove ammonia from it before it was used in the tanks. It's important to remove chlorine or chloramines if you do a flow through.
      Regular filter cleanings help remove a lot of the waste and is one of the factors in making rdf's as popular as they are. They remove the waste faster than just about any form of mechanical filtration.

      If you like we can do a separate thread and try and determine the things that may be impairing the Shiroji coloration on your koi.
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      Thanks, I have a constant range of around .25 probable a little lower on the ammonia. I clean filter 2 times a week and have retro bottom drain. I do try to keep the bottom a clean as possible. No rock in the pond at all but do have quite a few water lilys. the pond is shut down for the winter. But all of my water numbers are in check except the ammonia! I sure a lot of my problem is from that! Last year I found out that my Nexus was another part of the problem. It had become really dirty in the bottom of the outer chamber. So I figured out away to vacuum it out with out taking the media out. So we will see how it goes for this season when I start it up at the end of this month or the middle of April.


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