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    Thread: Introducing the Zakki Cubed... Small but mighty Zakki Shower!

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      Zac Penn is offline Supporting Member
      is the owner of Deepwater Koi
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      Introducing the Zakki Cubed... Small but mighty Zakki Shower!

      The Zakki Cubed is designed to be an economical entrance into the high efficiency world of koi pond shower filtering. This type of filtration is known to be the most productive kind of biological filtration due to the massive amount of air can is supplied to the nitrifying bacteria that reside inside the shower filter. That concept is the only thing in common with the other shower filters available today.Deepwater Koi Innovations is known for designing the most efficient shower filters available when total space used is accounted for. We pack as much biological filtering power as possible into a small and aesthetically pleasing filter. There are many design features that make the Zakki Showers better than all others but one of the most important features is the water distribution manifold used on top of the shower. Here is a short video that shows how well the distribution manifold works at spreading out the water over the media below. It also shows how well the water flows through the Rio Media and aerates the water with our divider trays...

      While the Zakki Cubed has a different distribution manifold than the standard Zakki Showers, that doesn’t change the fact that we distribute the water incredibly well before it makes first contact with the media below. If you can evenly distribute the water over a greater distance you can increase the total water flow rate without overwhelming the bacterial colony in your shower media. The distribution manifold in the Zakki Cubed breaks the water up into at least 300 individual streams of water which drastically increases the surface area of water that is in contact with the air. This allows for great aeration inside the shower for maximum efficiency.

      Name:  Small Shower02.jpg
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      The media used inside the Zakki Cubed is an extremely strong and resilient ceramic material called Rio Media. These blocks are 12” x 12” x 2” thick and have thousands of pores that allows water and air freely flow through the blocks. The walls of these pores are where the nitrifying bacteria colonize and convert ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrate. The total surface area for the bacteria to colonize is mind blowing when compared to other types of media available. While there is no way to be 100% accurate in surface area calculations on this type of media you ca be safe to assume around 50,000 square feet in one cubic foot of media (six blocks). That is actually how much media the Zakki Cubed holds and is how the name was chosen.
      We also design all of our showers to have as much open air space as possible inside the shower enclosure to encourage as much air exchange as possible with the water, media and bacteria. There is a 1” air gap all the way around the media stack and there are divider trays that separate the Rio Media after two blocks. This helps to re-aerate the water before it falls down onto the next layer of media. Our divider trays have the same 300+ holes in them so you get maximum aeration between layers.

      Name:  Small Shower04.jpg
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      Our shower filters are so effective at biological filtration that you do not need multiple shower trays like with other designs. This not only makes the entire shower look better, but it also reduces operational costs due to less head pressure on your water pumps. Multiple trays really starts to add up on the head pressure and a more powerful water pump is needed to move the water.
      The Zakki Cubed is designed so the the top rim of the shower base has a rounded edge that encourages any water splashing to fall back into the shower. However even with this feature there is a POSSIBILITY of small water drops building up on the top edge of the filter. These small drops could end up rolling down the face of the shower if enough congregate in the right spot. We have designed two different difusers for the distribution manifold and we are allowing you to choose which style you prefer. In order to eliminate any chance of water splashing outside of the filter a Splash Guard Diffuser can be installed. This does the job perfectly but it also changes the aesthetics of the shower. We are also allowing you to choose both diffuser options for an additional $15 cost. The performance of the shower is the same no matter which version you choose. Here are pictures to reference the differences...

      No Splash Guard

      Name:  Small Shower08.jpg
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Size:  79.7 KB

      With Splash Guard

      Name:  Small Shower13.jpg
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      Name:  Small Shower15.jpg
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Size:  77.0 KB

      As with all Zakki Showers we recommend having great mechanical filtration before the shower to avoid any particles being trapped inside the Rio Media. This type of mechanical filtering can be bead filters, Sand and Gravel filters or Rotary Drum Filters. While sieves are good pre-filters we think they allow too many particles to pass through the screen but it is up to the customer to make that decision. Using a sieve could just require extra cleaning of the Rio media that would not be necessary with adequate mechanical filtering.

      Based on previous testing we are comfortable stating the following performance numbers.
      Depending on how fast you can send the entire volume of your pond through the shower filter PER HOUR (also referred to as turnover rate).
      The Zakki Cubed can process the following amounts of koi food per day…(using the INCLUDED fine pore Rio Media)
      1.5 lbs of food per day with 4 times turnover rate ---- 750 gal pond flowing at 3,000 GPH
      .75 lbs of food per day with 2 times turnover rate ---- 1,500 gal pond flowing at 3,000 GPH
      .5 lbs of food per day with 1 times turnover rate ---- 3,000 gal pond flowing at 3,000 GPH

      Rio Media with larger pore openings are available upond request but the surface area is reduced in this case so the above nitrification numbers will be less.
      Zac Penn.... Please sign-up for our MAILING LIST HERE

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      Interesting never seen one like this ��

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      Zac Penn is offline Supporting Member
      is the owner of Deepwater Koi
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      Oct 2007
      Jacksonville, Fl
      I removed the base of the Zakki Cubed and made a video that showed various water flow rates flowing the distribution manifold and the Rio Media.
      Zac Penn.... Please sign-up for our MAILING LIST HERE

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