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    Thread: Looking for trusted Koi dealer in NW Washington State

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      Ronaye is offline Junior Member
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      Nov 2018
      Blaine, Washington State, USA

      Looking for trusted Koi dealer in NW Washington State

      Hi Koi people!

      I have a brand new unused 300 gallon Rubbermaid tank, UV light, filter, pump and air pump that I purchased as a sick tank for my old Koi but she expired before it was delivered. I had wanted to get some new Koi for a few years but didn't have the equipment nor the finances for a quarantine tank - but I do now! I live in NW Washington state, right on the Canadian border. Does anyone in the area have a favorite Koi dealer to recommend? I'm willing to travel as far south as Seattle but avoid Tacoma/JBLM traffic at all costs

      I can't afford champion quality fish but hope for healthy and attractive young fish 6-10" under $100. We have a dealer within 30 miles of me but he doesn't have any fish in until April. 16 years ago I kept my fingerlings in the garage for many months while constructing the pond and it was a lot of fun (and work.) I still have two of those fish and want more!

      Thanks for any help -

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      sirjusteggoes's Avatar
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      Dec 2008
      Well if u r going to use the 300gl tub as long term pond.. i say u better look at goldfish.
      But if you are hellbent on koi,,, when i lived uo that way i would go with Hoshi koi. Might be a little in the ugly drive part but well worth it. Sue was awsome.

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      icu2's Avatar
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      Feb 2007
      Poulsbo, WA
      Hi Ronaye! Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen! Always nice to have another
      ponder from the Pacific NW.

      Here's a couple although they push your limits of travel and price... but somewhere to start!
      I've bought fish from both places and had good experiences from both:

      Pan Intercorp in Kenmore, WA
      https://www.nishikigoi.com/ (online auctions)
      http://koi.com/ (the higher dollar options where you can at least go and look )

      Russell Watergardens in Redmond, WA

      Don't overlook out of state dealers that are experienced at shipping! It can really
      broaden your choices. I pick up ones I've purchased at Pan Intercorp since it's just a ferry
      boat ride away... but all the others I've had shipped to me and (knock on wood) I've never
      had one not survive the trip in excellent shape. Several others I've purchased that came shipped
      from Peters and Sons Koi:

      Koiphen also has several other vendors that you can contact right here! Browse through
      the list at:


      Good luck and enjoy your hunt!
      Find more about Weather in Poulsbo, WA

      "It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company." --George Washington

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