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    Thread: AquaMeds / Mark Bodycott

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      AquaMeds / Mark Bodycott

      I know that we normally only post reviews here on Vendors who advertise on Koiphen (and the occasional Vendor we have bad experiences with and feel a need to warn others about, but when someone does something impressive, it should be noted IMO.

      Some of you may remember my dilemma - I live up north, I have an Indoor Pond with Koi showing all signs of Parasite infestation, a bottle of "Terminate" Parasite Treatment by AquaMeds on hand from 2015, and it's too cold to have any new stuff shipped.

      I phoned AquaMeds and left a message. Then I sent an email explaining my concerns about old stock, potency, cold temperatures, etc.

      Mark Bodycott, owner of Aquameds, responded to my email, very pleasant, apologetic for any delay, answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease.

      Well that's nice you say but, what's the big deal?

      He wrote to me again yesterday! "How are the koi today? I hope they are getting better. Remember that the Terminate can make them flash and sometimes the koi will flash extra hard during an Aqua Prazi treatment as the flukes are trying to dig in deeper for safety."

      This is a manufacturer, not just a retailer and in the last several months I've written to 3 retailers who did not respond to my emails. But more impressive (at least to me!) by comparison is the fact that twice in the past I have written to Koi Care Kennel (mfgr. of Proform-C) and phoned once and left a message with inquiries about products and no one there responded or returned my call. I've stopped buying products from companies who don't respond to me. Microbe-Lift is on that short-list too.

      So, yes, it IS impressive, it is a big deal, and worth a mention here. That's customer service and a company that stands behind it's products. And the next time I need to treat my Koi for Parasites you know what kind I'm going to order, right?
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      Mark took over the company a while ago and I have been as impressed with him as I was the former owner. They always went above and beyond in addressing concerns and answering. Good people!
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