Bought a goldfish from him last year. After a normal QT, I added it to my pond. Shortly afterwards, all my fish were wiped out within a month. I believe I saw Costia on my microscope but it broke and so honestly I can't be totally sure. It could have been anything or nothing. Can't lie and say I am sure. But it killed every last fish within a short time frame. I CAN honestly say that.

I initially blamed his fish because I had most of the fish almost 2 years without issues and there weren't any other Thai imports and I had never seen disease destroy so quickly and respond to nothing. I couldn't be sure it was him and I decided to give him another try this year but not mix his fish.

Bought another one. Seemed okay at first. Never mixed with any others, never touched any other water etc. Begun showing signs of parasites. Yawning, spitting food, bit of flashing. Just general issues. Praziquantel and Flubendazole had no effect and it got worse. Begun to sit on the bottom and wouldn't eat and whatnot. Rather than waste another cent on a foreign sick fish that I had no idea what it even had and couldn't seem to treat, I put him down. He didn't even make it past quarantine. I have video of the sick fish but it does contain some swearing (I was very frustrated) and so I won't post it.

So you know, I have multiple tanks and holdings with fish, including some other newbies I got from Walmart. None show the issues his showed. Except for one that had a broken jaw, all are eating and swimming fine and healthy. The fish apparently had the issues before I got him. I also personally know of someone else who got fish from him that quickly died, as well. And a person that found fish lice on their fish from him. Jennie of Solid Gold Aquatics on YouTube also had a mass fish death that she BELIEVES was also due to the goldfish that she purchased from Southwest Koi and Goldfish.

I can't be sure about his Koi, but the goldfish he sold me were not healthy and the goldfish he sold several others were not healthy. At best it is a gamble with his fish, at worst it is an epic fail. We shouldn't spend $$ to get fish that haven't been quarantined and have issues. Emails sent to his site go ignored. He currently lists no stock available.

I have properly learned my lesson and I won't be wasting anymore money on these fish, but just figured to post here JIC. If you have good experiences with this vendor, understand that this was my own personal experience along with some documented experiences of others. I am not trying to bash, just trying to inform.