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    Thread: ...not ending skin issues....

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      ...not ending skin issues....

      Dear All!

      have written about my koi and anchor worm treatment, which hasn't been successful.
      (previous posts 'is it possible that fish is resistent agains treatment against anchor worms' and ' is this anchor worm'). After giving her the bath with the anchor worm medicine last week and then running the pond a second time through the anchor worm therapy last Sunday (none of the other 5 fish have shown any signs of it) she is showing again signs of it one week after therapy of the pond and local therapy. Medication was something similar to Dimilin.
      I am enclosing some photos the way she is now. Really don't know anymore what is happening. Gave her a salt bath today, I guess medication doesn't work on her....Any suggestions?

      Thank you so much for your input! All water measurements are good.She is eating well and behaving normal.
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      Perhaps I’m not seeing correctly, but this just look like lesions… Not anchor warm? Are you seeing and removing actual worms?

      For future reference, it is preferable that you continue the discussion and your original thread rather than starting a new one. It makes it much easier for people to follow what has been done and not been done.
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