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    Thread: just dug new 90-100000 gal mud pond

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      Low dissolved oxygen can be caused by several conditions.
      Stratification is typically a summertime problem in ponds deeper than 8 ft (solar heating of the top layer of water). But with high turbidity and/or phytoplankton blooms it can happen in ponds 4-6 ft deep. Adding a large organic load under these conditions can significantly magnify the oxygen problem.
      "Turnover" occurs with sudden water mixing and/or a sudden large temperature drop.
      Adding a big organic load to a shallow pond can cause oxygen levels to drop because of the bacterial decomposition process. Some ponds are fertilized with organics like alfalfa meal, hay, cottonseed meal etc. -- we used alffalfa meal for ponds at the redfish hatchery in TX. Oxygen levels will drop for several days after organics are added. Low oxygen levels due to high organic loads are more likely in warm weather months.
      Low oxygen levels during cold weather are less likely. But I cannot say with any certainty that a high "leaf load" will not cause low oxygen in the winter. In this situation, my inclination would be to exercise caution.
      Low Oxygen and Pond Aeration:
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      i will add aeration to this pond just to be safe. i removed all the leaves that were still floating on the top of the water but who knows what was already at the bottom. right now im beginning to think i wont get fish moved into it this winter. i limed the pond yesterday and added a 5000gal per hr pump to get the water completely mixed. so i am going to wait a week and make sure the ph is constant before i try to move them. i think i will try and transition them from the heated indoor 2000gal tank to a 1500 gal outdoor pond and slowly bring them down to the pond temp over a few days then make the final move into the mud pond.

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      Just a few more inches of water and my pond will be full. Ive decided to pipe the incoming spring water into the bottom of the pond on the opposite end of the siphon drain and let it work as a flow thru. Name:  20181116_140039.jpg
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