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    Thread: Wintering in Zone 8

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      Wintering in Zone 8

      How well do aquatic plants do year round in Zone 8?(San Jose, CA to be exact)
      I just purchased a 200 gallon preformed pond and would like to fill it with submerged & floating plants of all kinds, but would it be better to wait until next Spring?

      I'm a fan of water hyacinth, water lettuce, and lilly/lotus.
      The pond will be located at the entrance of the house that receives very little light...maybe a few hours in the late afternoon.
      I'd like something tall and fancy as well...any suggestions?

      And should the bottom have a layer of gravel or can I just keep submerged plants in a ceramic pot filled with gravel? I plan on keeping a few small Goldfish so would like to go bare-bottom for easy cleaning.

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      Wait until Spring..I am in zone 7 and they die quickly in cold weather. Lilies you could overwinter but in only a 200 gal preformed they
      will not be that deep. So best to wait.


      Montgomery County Water Garden Society
      Clarksville, Tn

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