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    Thread: Is this anchor worm part II (3 weeks later)

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      Is this anchor worm part II (3 weeks later)

      Dear All!

      Had some issue three weeks ago with anchor worm. First treated the fish in quarantine, but after return to the pond the problem came back, so decided to treat the pond with Arugol/Sera quote
      ... I found and ordered this:
      sera med Professional Arugol:

      PondCure diseasesCare
      Well tolerated, highly concentrated water conditioner for the quick and complete removal of parasitic crustaceans such as fish lice (Argulus), anchor worms, crustaceans affecting the gills, parasitic isopods and small crustaceans (that may serve as intermediate hosts for other parasites) that frequently occur in ponds.
      Residues are broken down biologically. A water change is not necessary.

      Attention: Other invertebrates such as snails, clams, crayfish and insect (larvae) do not tolerate the treatment. Amphibians and plants are not affected by the treatment. Not much other choices, Dimillin I cannot find in Europe -active ingredients: 10mg Emamectinbenzonat,Marcrogol300, Propylencarbonat,Denatoniumbenzonat

      Treatment is with UV closed three days, no water changes and to be repeated after three weeks. Now, I see the fish which had them originally, much worse, looks like frayed behind his orange scales with a bit of blood. What do you think? It is possible to treat in a bath in the meantime or just to wait, until they fall off. The other fish are all good, only one has a foggy eye, no clue what this could be...
      Measurements taken three days after treatment read:
      NH4 0.05,No2 0.05, NO3>1,GH 6, PH 7.8,KH 4, water temperature 25 degrees Celsius
      Thank you so much for your thoughts!
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      I can't speak as to the specifics of your parasite treatments, however I would think you should bring your KH up to at least 8 drops. You may be having PH swings that are stressing your fish making them more vulnerable to infections that can be caused by the parasites.

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      That does look like anchor worm. I can't speak to that particular chemical, but if you have Program (lufenuron) for dog fleas available to you, that works also and you can pm me for details. Whichever chemical you use, soon would be good; it will take about four days to clear your pond of the little pests.

      The anchor worms will not drop off the koi. To help this particular koi, anesthetize it and pull those anchor worms out with a tweezers, dabbing each site with iodine. The outer tip of the worm is a pair of egg cases with LOTs of eggs in them, so again, treatment soon would be good.

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