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    Thread: A little excitement in one of the mud ponds yesterday

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      Cecil is offline Senior Member
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      A little excitement in one of the mud ponds yesterday

      Found an osprey sitting in the water a little tangled in one or two of the lines I criss cross the pond with to keep it out. Sorry no pictures as I was in a hurry to untangle it. Fortunately I had a dip net with a long pole attached to reach out and push the lines back and forth to free it unharmed. Once it got to shore it flew off. Hey they can swim!

      I'm just hoping that was a lesson learned and it will leave the pond alone.

      I have a couple of other ponds with lots of extra fish of species that are not nearly as valuable as the fish in this pond so I'm hoping if it does come back it will concentrate on those. Once the waters cool down the tilapia in another pond will be an easy target and I only use them for algae and weed control during the year anyway. They will die anyway once the water temp drops below 50 F.

      If you're never seen an osprey they look like this:

      Here are the lines across the pond with orange duck tape tabs to make them as visible as possible.
      The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math!

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      Glad he didn't do any damage to your best fish. Hopefully he will learn to take the path of least resistance.

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