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    Thread: Hypothetical lowest micron levels

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      DerekJ is offline Junior Member
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      Sep 2018
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      Hypothetical lowest micron levels

      Good day - I'm curious if anyone has tried adding a pool cartridge filter or DE filter after their bead filter to super polish the water down to 10 microns or less? Any thoughts on how this may or may not work?

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      jcardona1 is offline Member
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      No input for ponds but I would run 1 or 5 micron filter socks in my older aquarium setups. Tried a DE filter and it was too much hassle. The 1 micron socks would give me stupid-clear water, you really could not see any particle suspended in the water and as you know when viewing water through an aquarium even the smallest particle is visible. The first time I installed one of these socks it clogged in just a few hours. I'm sure in a pond it will clog in 15 minutes.

      After a few days of filtering through the socks I was able to stretch the interval to 3~5 days. I purchased a bunch from McMaster Carr and would swap out as they got dirty. Then I'd toss them in the washing machine without soap and a bit of bleach. Good as new and would last a really long time. https://www.mcmaster.com/#sock-filters/=1eggp0z

      I know a koi pond is very different from an aquarium but no reason it wouldn't work as long as you find the right micron level and make sure the water can continue to flow once it clogs and overflows. The problem is all that debris will get into your bio media unless you stay on top of it all the time. It would be A LOT of maintenance. I liked to simply suspend them over my sump's inlet like so:

      And to give you an idea how clear we're talking...

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      Beautiful fish and tanks. That filter really does the job.

      Doug - out
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