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    Thread: Just a couple how to questions for TPRs

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      Just a couple how to questions for TPRs

      1. I have 2" TPRs. Before on the back of the flange there's a hump for each screw. Should the flange (not the outer ring) be inset in the block so it's flush with the wall or can it sit against the wall. I drilled holes for the screw nubs so it sits flush on the wall but before I set it permanently I thought it might be better to inset it so it's flush. Opinions? I'll be adding a liner and underlayment.

      2. I going through the wall with a 2" pvc. Would it be better to run solid PVC all the way back to the filtration or would flex pipe work? Maybe 30 feet on the longest run and flex would handle the contour of the pond wall perfectly as opposed to several angle to make the turns. Never used flex before so I thought I'd ask for opinions.


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      1) if you're using liner is much easier to install pond returns if the back edge of the flange sits on the front surface of the block. In other words, the thickness of the flange acts as a protrusion. It's much easier to find the holes in the flange when it comes time to PL and seal. The protrusion doesn't affect anything at all, just makes life easier.

      2) Use rigid when you can. If you have to use flex you have to use flex. If you do use flex, make sure you get the long couplers on each end and assuming you're burying it, try to use very soft soil or sand with minimal rock around it, just to be sure.
      - Jonathan
      - aka "Berko"

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