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    Thread: New Pond, Waterfall Advice

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      lehrens is offline Junior Member
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      Jul 2018
      Miami, FL

      New Pond, Waterfall Advice

      Hi all,

      I'm new to this pond idea and would like to do a medium size pond with waterfall and small stream feature. Thinking on goldfish as opposed to koi, want lots of plants and rock work.

      I have looked at some of the pro style kits (Not Amazon) and they look like a good way to go, Ive priced individual items and the kits seem to work out better price wise. Thinking of pond approx 8 x 11 with a stream and waterfall approx 10' x 5', depth approx 2-2 1/2'. Planning on heavy duty non PVC liner with liner protection as well, large skimmer with mechanical filtration and submersible pump, 16-20" spillway with Biological filter media. Heavy duty pump for lots of water flow as well as aeration within the main pond.

      Ill build a nice ledge around and maybe a deeper spot or two within the pond itself. Am I missing anything vital? UV filter?

      Any good advice as well as maybe a good distributor would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance


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      icu2's Avatar
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      Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen!

      Some things to think about is being in FL the deeper you make the pond, the more stable the temps will be. A shallow
      pond can get very warm quickly in the sun.
      Epdm works great as a liner.
      A stream 10ft. x 5ft and 2 - 2 1/2 ft. deep can hold 800-900 gallons of water. You'll need to plan for when the pump is
      shut off that a lot of that water will continue to flow into the pond. Likewise, during a power outage and when the power
      is restored, if you're not home, to what level will it drop the water in the pond when it restarts.

      Do you have a link to a kit you're looking at? Often times if you're handy you can build a filter or two that will outperform
      many pre-made kits.

      Thanks again for joining Koiphen and enjoy the forum!
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      Oct 2015

      Sounds like a water garden is closer to your requirements that a koi pond system. But do consider using bottom drains in the pond. There is no good substitute for bottom drains feed external filters.

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      lehrens is offline Junior Member
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      Jul 2018
      Miami, FL
      Thank Steve for the welcome, looking forward to learning as much as I can, especially about being able to possibly do things myself, I'm very handy and if i can make something better myself for less I'm all about it. T kits Ive been looking at are on thepondguy.com, Rapidflow Ecosystem Kit thinking 11 x 16 size approx, maybe smaller on the stream/waterfall size,more of a FL type spring, waterfall into large pond but definitely need to consider that water. thinking 3' deep in the pond, maybe a pocket down to 4 max.

      MCAsan- Yeah water garden may be more what I'm thinking but def want fish, the more I look and research the cooler the koi look though so may pay to plan for now just in case. Yeah you think Bottom drain(s), in addition to skimmer and waterfall biofilter? With external pump and filter?

      Thanks in advance guys for the guidance


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