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    Thread: Bald/Pond Cypress

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      Bald/Pond Cypress

      Does anyone have experiences with these trees? I visited the everglades and was really taken back by the ascetic of the cardinal air plants on the cyrpess. The cypress looked like they were on fire (orange flowers on the cardinal plants). I have a giant airplant native in my yard (same species but not same subspecies as the Everglades one) and smaller common air plants. I was kinda hoping to create a water feature maybe 4x 4 ft with stunted cypress trees. So far all my research has shown cypress to be great beginner bonsai trees and also just generally easy at fun size also.

      My other question is, are bald cypress cones viable if they haven't fallen off trees? Like I grabbed a couple green cones this week. Can I dry these cones an stratify normally or will they be duds? I may move from FL before late fall when cones drop.


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      Bald Cypress are great beginner trees- very durable, take mistakes easily, grow quickly, etc. I have a giant BC in training right now. And two smaller BC's. As for cones, you may need to have ripened ones that have fallen, rather than green cones. But since you are in O-town, you can find some soon. You may also simply buy some BC's in a pot from a landscape shop, or if you have anyone with some private property, you can harvest a large tree like I did. I suspect the tree I harvested was 20-30 years old.

      If you want a good bonsai forum, BonsaiNut is great. I am a member- Appliance Guy there.

      Here's my big BC, first pic was when I harvested it in Dec 2014, and a pic from a few weeks ago before trimming and wiring. Currently looking really good, I have pulled the apex branches down in more of a flat top tree, as well as wired the branches to give them some movement. You can also see that I did a major crave on this tree in 2016. The first year I just let it grow and recover, the year after I carved it to make it look like a hirricane damaged flat top. The past two years I have wired and trimmed to give it movement and style. Currently in a cement mixing tub. It'll probably get into a real pot in 2020.

      Dec 2014


      Sept 2018

      Tim can always be reached at 850-380-7824 or timnye850@gmail.com

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      Beautiful! Very impressive! I love BC... wish I could get on the size a quality you harvested back in 2014!
      Keep us posted!

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