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    Thread: SkagiTek / Bill Putnam / Kenzen Breeders Choice

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      DarkStar is offline Supporting Member
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      Nov 2004
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      SkagiTek / Bill Putnam / Kenzen Breeders Choice

      I know that Koi Food is a bit of a touchy subject around here, although I honestly have never figured out why (I must have missed those posts).

      But for quite a while now I've been wanting to try Kenzen Breeders Choice. Time and again on various sites I've read good things about it and many folks have reported good improvements both in fish quality as well as water quality due to less waste.
      I've used Blackwater Gold-N (with Hikari Wheat Germ in cool temps) for a long time. Blackwater just doesn't seem to be of the same quality that it once was, and my water ends up a lot dirtier IMO although I'm still feeding the same amount and doing the same things otherwise. So I decided to try Kenzen.

      The reason I'm posting this here now is to tell you how impressed I was with Bill Putnam at SkagiTek! I have never, and I do mean NEVER, had the pleasure of dealing with someone in this business who was so genuine, kind, patient, helpful and informative. He was just awesome. He was willing to sit and discuss fish feeding, pond problems, pond construction, any question I had he cordially answered.

      You get a sense that he's not in it for the money, he's in it for the love of the trade, the koi, the knowledge, the sharing, the people.

      Sometimes you "meet" someone and walk away feeling so much better than you did before just for having met them. He's one of those people. I never met him before, but I'll happily deal with him in the future and refer everyone I can.

      * In fairness to note that in my search for Kenzen I had also sent an inquiry to Kloubec Koi and Ellen very kindly responded with SkagiTek's contact info (I had written to them both). I doubt Ellen would remember me but I met her once many years ago at the Allentown Koi show and she and her husband were lovely, introduced themselves to me and invited me to their shop. Unfortunately I was never able to go.
      Find Something You Would Die For And Live for It.

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      Thank you DarkStar for your kind comments. We have been around ponds for over 50 years, built them throughout that time and have been a part of seeing the enjoyment that this hobby brings to others that venture into our back yards.

      We try to offer knowledge for everyone and not just say what are you ordering. To this point, we build our own web sites not to just list products, but to list information to help beginners to pond owners that are established or upgrading.

      www.SkagiTek.com - www.KoiPondCentral.com - www.KoiPondFood.com - www.KoiPondUV.com to list a few. We even have built products listed under our branding "True" being part of the name of the product; True Pre-filter, True BiO, True Glass Bead Filter

      We have been around selling (quality) Koi Pond Products sense 2002 and our first approach is to find out your goals. Many times we offer you ideas and solutions that don't require you spending what you thought you needed. It is my hope to only benefit all that call, no matter how much time we need to spend on the phone to help you and your pond needs.

      I look forward to helping
      Bill Putnam
      Bill Putnam

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      Ronaye is offline Member
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      Nov 2018
      Blaine, Washington State, USA
      I'm happy to read that you're still in business, Bill! I've bought products from you in the past and always been pleased with the items, quality of service and quick delivery (we're neighbors.) I just lost one of my oldest fish who has been eating Blackwater foods for years and was filled with an incredible, abnormal amount of fat, so am looking for a good food replacement. And just learned that Drs. Foster and Smith, where I've been getting my food and supplies recently, is going away. Time to get back to shopping locally and back to SkagiTek and KoiPondFood! So glad I found this thread!
      Ronaye Tylor (Blaine, WA)

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