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    Thread: Rotating Drum Filter For all.

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      Aug 2016
      Quote Originally Posted by Sartorius View Post
      LynxDK give us some news about your project
      Sure thing

      there is a couple of things i need to change, and i also got alot wiser on the cost of running these thing with tap water :P

      First i will say that the unit performed flawlessly all last summer, the water was very clear, but it was at its limit with the 20000 liters pr. hour flow. And it had to run quite alot accually.
      And since i used tap water i got quite a big water bill this year... So, this year i will use a pump on the clean side to deliver the water for the filter. And i have an idea to filter the exess water from the "dung" and return the water clean to the pond. Im thing something like a sieve with at slow settling tank.

      Anyways, im in the process of building a bigger unit this time, simply to overcome the small size and the high flow rate, this will also make it easier to measure high and low water levels for when the unit have to start clean cycle.

      Allready when i put the filter at a stop last year, it was clear that the Stepper Motor i used to turn the drum was starting to rust in the bearings, and sure enough, a couple of days after i stopped it, it was stuck. So a 100% watertight geared motor is planned for this year.

      I accually left the filter outside in the pond, in water, just to see how it would preform in a ice winther, frozen stuck in the filter. And im very surprised that beside the engine was stuck, you cant see or feel that it have been outside all winther.

      so to sum it up i need:
      A Waterproof Geared Motor.
      Bigger Diameter, or double width Drum, here i would add that a bigger diameter will be more suitable for bigger Ponds, because you get more room for the waterlevel to be read. So i will not make a double width drum.
      Pump for clean side instead of tap water.
      A more precise way to measure waterlevel.

      For a pump to clean the drum, yopu can buy very cheap Garden Water Pressure Booster Pump, which just runs and keep tap water pressure all the time because it has a tank, and the pump shuts off when the pressure is getting too low. Then the system will run as its done for now with the electric valve which opens and closes when the drum turnes.

      The last thing i need to find is a suitable motor, so i will get back with more info as soon as i have any

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      Sartorius is offline Junior Member
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      Aug 2012
      Thank you for an update.

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      Primitive is offline Senior Member
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      What is a good drum diameter size for an RDF? I was thinking of buying a stainless steel pool filter and using the body as a drum since it's high quality thick steel. But most filters are only 18" diameter, and I think the commercial RDF have drums that look to be like 24".

      I figure 18" might be too small especially when you have to cut out opening for the waste tray.

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      Drum size depends on how much water you want to flow. Look at profidrum specs. Their 45/40 has a drum size of 17.7"x15.7" and has max flow of 6604 gph. Look at their other models too. Drum size increases on their bigger models. You can calculate the surface area of the screen to get a good estimate of flow for your design.

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      Quote Originally Posted by LynxDK View Post
      Here is a couple of quick pictures of the drum installed in the pallet tank.

      It was installed in a very very dirty tank, and i didnt do any cleaning whatsoever, which is why it looks pretty dirty after running 14 days. however the drum itself looks fine as new, this is the new 125 micron screen installed, but the 300 micron looked just as fine.

      I will clean the filter tanks one of these days so i can pictuere the water before and after the drum.

      One of the adjustments i have to do it raise the spray bar, its missing 10mm of the screen in the middle, and i dont want to install 3 spray heads, as that will just result in more water usage, so by raising them 5-10mm it should solve that problem.

      and then im designing a new connection entry for the waste tray, so that you will be able to get your hand into the waste tray, and remove string algae if needed.

      Also in the long run, a protection screen will be needed for the gear, so you cant get your fingers stuck if it starts running, i will take better pictures of the gearing later on.

      Attachment 582338
      Attachment 582339
      Attachment 582340

      Oh yea, and the spray bar just runs off the tap water, through a electric valve which is controlled by the arduino.
      However, a pump could be used, and eventually i will problaly make a "mini" sieve, with a 30 micron screen, which will sort out the waste from the waste water, and then pump the clean water back into the pond, so you reuse the water.
      this is exactly what i was thinking with my dual 330 gallon ibc tote. I wanted an rdf on top of the ibc tote and have it flow into barrel full of k1

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