One of the best parts of a forum like Koiphen is the vast repository of information, but sometimes it
can be frustrating to find what you're looking for. So here are some tips.

The forum search feature is frankly rather clunky and often doesn't do a very good job of locating information
that you're looking for, but we have a Custom Google Search link that works a lot better. To find it go to the
upper dark blue navigation bar at the upper part of the forum and find "Quick Links" and click to access a drop
down box:

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Then click "Google Site Search" in the drop down box:

Name:  google2.jpg
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Then type in what you're looking for in the upper box that says "Google Custom Search".
You'll see the first things listed are a few Google ads that are relevant to your search words and is what keeps
the search feature free but no need to click them if you don't want to. Below the ads is your information limited
to a Google search on Koiphen:

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The forum "Advanced Search" has a couple of nice options too. On the same dark blue navigation bar at the
top of the forum look for and click "Advanced Search":

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It will bring you to the Advanced Search screen and find and click the "Single Content..." button and then click the
arrow shown to display the drop down box:

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There's a couple of content options that can be helpful, including a search for your private messages. If you have
a lot of messages saved it can be daunting to find an old one you're looking for and this is an easy way to track it down!