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    Thread: Green Water again

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      Jakessvx1 is offline Senior Member
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      Mar 2016
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      Green Water again

      I'm not surprised, but I have green algae in spite of having an EVO55 UV light. My pond is roughly 9000 gallons and I purchased the EVO55 based on the manufacturers specs, which I have learned the hard way are not accurate. The weather has hardly warmed up and my pond is green. Visibility is maybe a foot. I had some kind of stringy algae growing for maybe a month during March. It seemed to disappear over a couple of days then about 2 weeks ago the water turned green. Only have a few small fish that I hardly feed. The green water did coincide with the pollen falling. There's a large oak tree over the pond that dropped a lot of stringy yellow pollen into the pond. The filters are getting it out, but all of the fine dust is another story.

      My questions are: What UV light should I get to replace my current one? And is there anything I can do to clear up the green water as a temporary fix? We're having a large gathering at our home soon and while I don't have many fish to look at I at least don't want to gross everyone out with green water. Thanks for any advice.

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      dragonfly1976 is offline Senior Member
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      How many gph are you running through it? That might be the problem as you need to have a ball valve before it to throttle down the flow. I also ran a bypass to divert the extra water through the circuit so as not to reduce my flow. My pond is 7500 gallons and the evo55 does a great job. I found that it won’t work well if the water is going through it too fast.

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      Was your pond and filters running all winter? Some shut down and as a result have to go through the cycle each year on startup, and green water is prevalent during the cycle. Green water algae thrives on ammonia, and because it consumes so much ammonia, the test kits will rarely find ammonia present, which is good for the fish, not good for your viewing pleasure. A cover to keep the pond from freezing and running the filters year round will keep the bio bacteria populations much closer to the needed quantities so they make minor adjustments with changes in feeding and fish activity levels.

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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      kevin32's Avatar
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      Imo you need double the uv. 2 55 watts is better and I used a 110 evo on my 3800 and was cutting it close.

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      birdman's Avatar
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      No need to replace it, unless you want a different brand. Just add on to it with another 55.

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      ricshaw is online now Supporting Member
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      Jan 2016
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      For the long term... you should plan on increasing your biological filtration.

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