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Pressurized Filters

Laguna external filters provide mechanical and biological filtration and most often incorporate a UV-C lamp to keep the pond water crystal clear. External pond filters are also very easy to install and clean.
Easy to install and simple to maintain, external filters are suitable for all ponds.

The Laguna Pressure-Flo high performance pond filter is a pressurised filter, which provides the maximum in pond filtration in a compact unit that is easily hidden at the edge of your pond. External filters can be used in combination with the Max-Flo solids handling pump, correctly sized for each filter. External filters are easy to install or integrate into existing ponds.
How to Clean an External Pond Filter

Maintenance of external filters is simple and easy; seasonal cleaning and replacement of media is nearly all that is required. See specific models for complete details. Both filters are installed outside the pond, and will provide a clean and healthy pond.

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