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All In One Filter

Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV units are the easy way to a clear and healthy pond.

Easy to install and simple to maintain, these compact three-in-one units come with just one cable, making it easy to just install, plug in and enjoy!
Which pond size is it suitable for?

Whether you have a pre-formed pond or a liner pond, PowerClear Multi units are suitbale for ponds upto 3500 and 7000L.
What filtration is included?

Each PowerClear Multi comes with a durable filter foam (x 2 in 7000 model) to catch stones and debris, and a revolutionary Bio-Brick (x 2 in 7000 model) perfect for housing beneficial bateria. Each PowerClear Multi model comes with a powerful 9W UV steriliser.

For more information and full line of Laguna All In One Filters at

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