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    Thread: loving my Periha pumps

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      loving my Periha pumps

      i have 2 periha PB-25000 installed on my rdf and i must say i love them so far. i have had one running for just over a week and just added the second one yesterday. i originally had 2 evolution 5500 installed and i can tell you i am getting more flow now with the periha pumps set at medium then i did with the evolution full out. i took a short video its hard to see but the water is really moving. the rdf has a 37 micron screen installed. i know the max flow is 6600gph so i am figuring on medium it should be around 6400gph. using what zac tested the pumps seem to move 70% or what is started according to zacs test( i know this may not be 100% accurate but its a good base. so if i am flowing @ medium 6400gph X 2 thats 12,800gpg X 70% = 8960gph. that is ripping fast... so from what i have seen i would strongly recommend these pumps to anyone looking for a cheap efficient pump..

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      I just bought 4 of them got one running
      I Hope they hold up

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