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    Thread: "Kado Gin" Asagi

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      Quality skin enhances the beauty of the colors, but does not “lock-in” the colors.

      Kado gin can be seen in many different varieties, but would not put a koi in the show classification of ginrin.

      There is an article in Nichirin last year on gin rin and it was reprinted in last years Nishikigoi Yearbook.

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      Very good skin also will make non-metalic fish to look almost metalic like especially on larger fish.
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      Quote Originally Posted by nishikigoi21 View Post
      I like all of the examples posted on this thread. I wonder how Koigrl's Ki Asagi looks like now.
      I won't be able to see him for a few months, but he has looked like this since he was a tot. i'm hoping that the ki on his face recedes or coalesces into a pattern. one interesting thing about this koi is that he was the only asagi in the spawn he came from. the current ki shusui spawn - 7000 in the harvest, not one asagi. a kp friend wrote in to tell me that asagi and shusui are two types (now or again) and i didn't get any asagi in that last spawn because there were no asagi-scaled genes in their parents. i'm paraphrasing. but will bone up on this. i do have ki shusui with asagi markings as in yellow bellies, not bands of lateral color.

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      What a beautiful koi, good for you! You must be doing something right- looks very healthy

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