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    Thread: 3 New koi and my evaluation of them. I want to learn.

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      3 New koi and my evaluation of them. I want to learn.

      Name:  05EB6F9A-2A06-4F0F-95B7-45F0810024C4.jpg
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      Sanke 6 months old, 7''

      Body shape is long and slender which I like, and tail tube does not look too weak either. I Think this one is a male. The beni looks fairly soft but the kiwa? looks quite sharp already which I'm not sure if it is a good thing with a young fish. Sumi looks brown. I am not sure how to evaluate the skin.

      Name:  8C829568-82CE-482F-B36A-EED9F61E6964.jpg
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Size:  80.0 KBName:  178E4089-D3C8-405B-9E9F-07A19D0FDB1C.jpg
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      Left Sanke, Right Kohaku. Both 6 months old 6'' and 7''.

      Beni on sanke has the same issue, sharp kiwa? Looks male again but I like the skin of this one.

      Beni on Kohaku I think is the best of the 3. The body of this one is also long and I think this one is a female. Skin is less reflective on this one.

      Below are additional pictures, Thank You for looking,


      Name:  A3A5C575-E94A-4E7A-8DDC-DA00C5276274.jpg
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Size:  91.0 KBName:  BD826885-CF7C-41C4-9DC8-E9EA91DEE16C.jpg
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      You pretty much see everything for yourself
      All three are pond grade which we see everyday at our local farms
      But at least they have some pattern so not as boring
      Hopefully as they grow the beni can holdup on the first sanke
      Try to bulk them up and hopefully bodies will get better
      Good luck and welcome to Koiphen!

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