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    Thread: seeing frank grow lilies in aquariums

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      seeing frank grow lilies in aquariums

      I just went outside and put my hands in Ice water pulling out a few tropicals. They all had leaves on them underwater. I know one was Fox Fire not sure what the others are I think maybe one is Miami Rose. None did well for me this year I can move my blue stock tanks over too dads this spring since my niece moved out. I can put them over there in full sun. I brught the tubers in and put them in a crystal terrarium that did not have anything in it. Its under the florescent tubes where my African violets were,
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      They should do well in the aquarium, if they have heat, light and some fertilizer. They will not do as well as in a pond in the summer, but they will survive and be in better shape next spring. Keep us up to date. Pics?
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      don'tt you have the african violets any more?

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