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    Thread: KASS Stainless Steel Bakki Shower

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      KASS Stainless Steel Bakki Shower

      Name:  Outdoor.jpg
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      KASS Stainless Steel Bakki Showers are designed to draw in a high volume of air and accommodate large water flows. Space between media in trays is important as it allows for air circulation within the shower.. We have approximately 10" of free space in a KASS Bakki Shower for increased air introduction. This dedicated air space in our showers allows more air to be drawn through the media. The tray support is designed to reduce typical shower splash while allowing high air flow into the shower to aid in bio-conversion. The showers are modular in design and can be configured as a single tray or multiple trays. The 2 tray system is the most efficient setup for bio-converson vs pump capacity (head loss).
      Water is delivered to the shower via a diffuser rain top. The diffuser plate is removable to allow for easy cleaning if necessary and are interchangeable to accommodate different flow rates.

      Video of KASS Shower running:

      Picture of water distribution:

      Name:  Water Cascade.JPG
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Size:  26.3 KB

      Media Loading in Tray:

      Name:  Standard Bakki Media Loading.JPG
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Size:  45.2 KB Name:  MEGA Bakki - media loading tray installed.JPG
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      KASS Showers are available in 2 different sizes (2 tray system):
      Standard 2 wide x 3 long x 56 tall designed for flows up to 11,000 GPH, Media capacity 50 - 70 Kilos of Bacteria House Media.
      Mega 3 wide x 4 long x 56 tall tall designed for flows up to 22,000 GPH, Media capacity 120 - 160 Kilos of Bacteria House Media.

      Mega Shower Tray:

      Name:  MEGA Bakki.JPG
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Size:  54.1 KB

      KASS showers have 3 different options to return water to the pond Waterfall, Gravity or Rain.

      Waterfall The spillway comes standard 6 long but can be customized to any length needed for the install.

      Name:  DSCN4019.JPG
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Size:  64.6 KB

      Gravity 4 returns are standard , we can also install 3 returns if desired. All returns are threaded SS nipples no fernco connection. The returns can be installed on the long or short side (or both) or on the bottom of the tray.

      Different locations for gravity returns:

      Side Discharge

      Name:  IMG_8966.JPG
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Size:  48.0 KB

      Front Discharge

      Name:  DSCN1363.JPG
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Size:  65.7 KB

      Bottom Return

      Name:  DSCN5225.JPG
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Size:  20.5 KB

      Rain The Shower can be suspended over the pond and the water will rain into pond through the open bottom tray.

      Showers are manufactured by Koi Acres so modifications are easily accommodated - i.e. width, length and location of waterfall weirs. On Gravity Return showers the Size, Amount Of and Location in Tray of Returns.

      Extended Waterfall Spillway

      Name:  Outdoor II.jpg
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Size:  51.4 KB Name:  Outdoor I.jpg
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      ** The complete line up of KASS Pond Equipment is Proudly Made in the USA.**
      Attached Images Attached Images  

      Weekends are for Enjoying your pond..... not working on them.

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