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    Thread: Some Well Known Koi Breeders

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      Some Well Known Koi Breeders

      Dainichi - Specialize in high quality Gosanke. Well known in Japan Koi Shows.

      Hiroi Koi Farm (Conias) - Specialize in Goshike and Kigoi. Other varieties include Nice Showa and Ginrin Showa.

      Hoshikin - Specialize in Kohaku. Hoshikin Koi has won so many top awards including Grand champions.

      Hosokai - Specialize in Asagi and Goshike. Other varieties include 10 other varieties.

      Isa (Isa Hajime) - Specialize in Gosanke. Well known for Showa.

      Marusei Koi Farm (Hirasawa) - Largest breeder in Niigata specialize in Chagoi. Other varieties include large and jumbo sizes of all varieties.

      Marudo Koi Farm (Hisashi Hirasawa) - Specialize in high quality Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, and Asagi. Other varieties include nice Ogon.

      Marusaka (Tiruo) - Specialize in Sanke of Jinbei bloodline and Hikarimono. Other varieties include doitsu Midorigoi, a very nice mix Hikarimono, and many varieties.

      Oofuchi - Specialize in Kujaku, Sanke, Tancho, and Kohaku. Other varieties include nice mix tosai and mix nissai Koi.

      Sakai Matsunosuke - Specialize in Superb growth Kohaku and Sanke effected by Magoi bloodline. The Matsunoske Sanke bloodline is world famous for intense pigmentation of red and black.

      Sakazume - Specialize in Koromo. Other varieties include very nice Yamabuki, Doitsu Yambuki, and Hikari Moyo.

      Sekiguchi - Specialize in high quality Showa.

      Shinoda (Susumu) - Specialize in Doitsu Kohaku, Sanke and Showa.

      Suda - Specialize in high quality Ginrin Yamabuki. Suda Koi has won many awards at the All Japan Koi Show.

      Yamazaki (Yamazaki Seichi) - Specialize in Doitsu Hariwake, Yamabuki and Platina.

      For more information and a full list of Koi Varieties & Definitions at https://allaboutkoi.us/category/koi-breeders/

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