Asagi (ah’ sah gee) - Blue koi with a red belly, the primary pattern is the Fukurin that appears as a light net pattern over an indigo base, clear white head, may have Motoaka.

Budo Goromo - A koi with a purplish, grape like pattern on its white body.

Chagoi (cha’ goy) - Brownish tea coloured, scaled koi (blue grey are Soragoi and greenish are Midorigoi).

Goshiki (go’ she key) - Means 5 colours, Kohaku with blue net pattern on Shiroji and Hi, some Goshiki only have net on the Shirji, read and blues overlap into purples particularly on the head, non-metallic and this different from Kujyaku.

Hariwake (ha ree wah’ ke) - Means foiled, koi varieties included a metallic white and gold koi, gold can appear in a range of shades from yellow to red.

Kigoi (key goy’) - Solid yellow non-metallic koi.

Kikusui ( kee coo’ swee) - Doitsu Platinum koi with a Hi pattern, means a ‘Chrysanhemum in water’, is the same as a Doitsu Hariwake with red markings or a metallic Doitsu Kohaku.

Kohaku (coh’ ha coo) - White koi with red patches.

Kujaku (coo-jah coo) - Means peacock – Kohaku pattern over Gin Matsuba, metallic Goshiki.

Platinum Ogon - A metallic white koi, also known as Purachina.

Sanke (sahn’ keh) - Short form for Taisho Sanshoku or Taisho Sanke – a Kohaku pattern with black spots that do not appear on the head or below the lateral line..Literally ‘tri colour’.

Shiro Utsuri - A black koi with white markings.

Showa (show’ wah) - Short for Showa Sanshoku, a black koi with red and white patches.

Shusui (shoe’ swee) - Means autumn colour, a Doitsu Asagi, blue koi with red on the belly and up the sides, clear white head with an indigo or black row of scales on either side of the dorsal fin, may have Motoaka and Hi in the dorsal fin.

Tancho (tahn’ ch-oh) - Means red cap, koi whose only Hi is the round spot on the head, similar to red circle in middle of Japanese flag or a Tancho Crane.

Yamabuki Ogon (yah’ ma boo key oh’ gone) - metallic yellow koi.

For more information and a full list of Koi Varieties & Definitions at

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