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    Thread: Aquaponics, sure, why not

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      Quote Originally Posted by kimini View Post
      Oh I don't disagree at all, and in fact that was the point of the experiment. I wanted to see how well the plants would do in the pond water without altering the water chemistry, which could harm the fish. As suspected, when used as-is, it didn't go well. Traditional raised planters will be built and pond waste will be drained off to them. Pretty much the best of both worlds.
      Based on only a very limited effort on my part, this was my experience as well. The fish prefer nitrogenous wastes to be as low as possible and pH in the range of 8, while the plants want copious nitrogen and require much lower pH for efficient uptake. I did not pursue the idea very far, however. I still wonder if a large bed of submerged-root plants could be utilized effectively to support a pond with no other bio-filtration present? The idea would be to simply have the plants scavenge most of the ammonia before bio-conversion (to nitrite) even took place.....just pondering......

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      There are plants that are very good at up taking nitrogenous wastes including ammonia. Duckweed comes to mind and I know there are others.
      The risk I took was calculated, but man am I bad at math!

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      Hello every one, Im new to Koiphen forums but iv used them as a reference for the last 2 years because I switched my DIY aquaponics setup from tilapia to koi. I just joined and found this thread.
      I live on the south gulf coast of Florida, and iv ben growing my own food for the last 5 or 6 years and the last 3 iv ben focusing on aquaponics. I have at least tried every way to grow food that I could find using this method, and I have for the most part found the same results as you, but with a handful of things I didn't see mentioned. If you look for Bright Agrotech that dude knows his aquaponics and has comprehensive video guides to nutrients, Ph, and just about any other of the basics.

      The only nutrients I really add is chelated Iron, Epsom salt, phosphoric acid, potassium sulfate, and seaweed extract. Every thing else comes from the food

      Im using Deep water grow beds, 4'' pvc pipe grow tube and 5' tall aeroponic towers all with 2'' net cups, The towers work best by far. but for tomatoes iv found that they will grow like crazy with the roots in the water and a air stone bubbling strait into the root mass. with peppers don't bother with anything other than a aeroponic setup or putting them in dirt, and beets grow inexplicably well in 4'' tubes and deep water systems as long as its cold enough (under 75 f)

      As far as Plants pulling out nitrates nothing iv tried works as good as a hardy tomato plant and you get all that fruit. I have tried Duckweed and found that it has to be separated from all koi and anything your growing it in has to have a way to flush large debris out from the bottom (unless its covered).But my ponds are overstocked so I can feed everything I have growing in my yard with pond water and that basically turned my all horticulture completely brainless (just add pond water)

      Iv also got my own koi food recipe and part of it is collecting all the stuff in my filters and rinsing it out thoroughly and completely dehydrating it into dust. Its got allot of leftover food bits but its 20% to 30% midge fly larva witch are blood red and get koi red as hell all on there own. In my yard im growing Moringa trees and use the dried leaves in the food as well.

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