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    Thread: The Profi Advantage

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      The Profi Advantage

      This thread has been started to highlight the advantages of using Profi Drum products and to clear up the misinformation that has been posted about Profi products. I feel the tag line Profi Drum uses carries the most truth in the industry

      "All our models are built to last utilizing Stainless Steel RVS 316 for all the internals. This is the only material that creates structural integrity protecting your investment for years. ProfiDrum chooses to use only the best materials, we don’t settle for less."

      Critical Internal Components of a Drum Filter manufactured by Profi:

      Spray Bar - Made from Stainless Steel so there are no glued/welded joints that can fatigue and blow apart over time from the pressure surges created during the cleaning cycles.

      Waste Tray - Stainless Steel construction with a built in sloped floor to move debris away from the drum. The advantages of using Stainless Steel for the waste tray are thinner top edge which will keep debris from collecting on the edge of the waste tray. The Stainless Steel tray will stand up to heavy debris loads and will not bend or break.

      Drum - Built to Last from 100% Stainless Steel. Drums are exposed to very high rotational stresses so structural integrity is of prime importance to have many years of Trouble-Free use. Profi Drum manufactures one of the most rigid & durable drums on the market.

      Drum Seal - One of the simplest designs on the market designed by Profi to keep your dirty water away from the clean water. It is designed so well that almost all other drums on the market have copied it.

      Screen Clamp - The Profi Products use a smooth band clamp that is purpose built to hold the screen in place. The smooth surface of the clamp will slide across the screen material and not degrade the structural integrity of the screen like screws, jubilee clips or worm drive clamps.

      Screen Connector - A Stainless Steel bar with SS Bolts & Nuts is used to assure screen halves are securely held in place against the pressure of the water flowing through the drum.

      Drum Bypass - If there were to be functionality issues with your drum all Profi products have built in drum bypass plates so loss of circulation/bio-filters are not a concern.

      - The controller used by Profi Drum is based upon the KISS (Keep It Super Simple) principle. It employs a tried and true water level detector which drives the relays that control the operation of the RDF processes. Relay logic has been used very successfully for decades in industrial applications and is very reliable. Relay logic based controllers are ready to go as soon as it is installed – no programming needed, just supply power and turn it on. The controller also has a built in Low Level Protection system that will shut down the RDF controller & circulation pump(s) if a low water condition occurs. The LLP system has a built-in auto restart feature that will restart the system after a pre-determined time. The cleaning time of the RDF is also very easily adjusted if needed.

      Operational Mode Change – Profi products come from the factory set up for Gravity operation. To switch the RDF to pump-fed mode the sensors are simply moved from the clean to dirty side of the RDF and a quick adjustment is made to the controller. The procedure is very simple to do and can be completed by anyone. When a drum is purchased Profi dealers will find out which mode the RDF is to be run in -Gravity/Pump-fed. If the end user chooses Pump-Fed mode then the RDF is converted for them at the dealership as part of Profi’s outstanding customer service. Having the conversion done before delivery allows the end user to concentrate on installing the RDF and not preforming field modifications. When all Profi products arrive in the US they are not put on a shelf and shipped as they are sold. Each unit is checked out for shipping damage and tested for proper operation before it is shipped to the purchaser to assure complete customer satisfaction.

      Cleaning Pump - All Profi Products come with a jet pump as part of the purchase price. Combi-Bio units have an internal pump and RDF’s use an external pump. Commercial RDFs generally do not use system water for cleaning the screen, they use domestic water. Profi offers a kit so the end user can also use domestic water to clean the screen which greatly reduces screen maintenance. All Profi products come from the factory wired for the US power grid (120volt 60 Hz) so there is no need to purchase additional power converters to supply the correct voltage for proper operation.

      Aluminum parts – There is an adapter on the drum motor made of aluminum which allows the motor to be attached to the drum case. There are redundant seals which keep water from leaking to the outside of the drum and away from the adapter. We have used aluminum parts on our holding systems in direct contact with water at the farm for over 10 years w/o any deterioration to the aluminum. The gear reduction unit used on the Profi Drum uses a stainless steel drive coupling and a stainless steel drum shaft. The benefit of using like materials that are in contact with each other is if disassembly is needed there typically is no corrosion between the two parts that need to be taken apart. Most gear reduction units manufactured use mild steel for their drive couplings that will corrode to what is attached to it, making repairs very difficult.

      Profi -A little history on Profi – Jan Hogendoorn, the owner of Profi Drum started working on the Profi concept in the early 1990’s. He sold his first unit in 2007, improvements have been implemented continuously to the Profi line up of products. Improvement ideas are generated from within the company as well as from dealers/customers around the world. Profi Products have been 100% engineered in house, they have never hired any outside engineers to design their equipment. Unfortunately this meeting has led to the engineer sharing Profi’s design with several companies they have been employed by.

      Koi Acres – Is not just a Koi Company, we have 4 different divisions:

      Koi Division – Imports & sells Koi

      Hard Goods & Online Store – Sells pond supplies & filter equipment

      Pond Building Division – Installs ponds and filter systems nationwide, with an extensive background in RDF Pre-Filters. We have installed Koi Collection (KC), Profi and Hydrotech brands of RDFs. When the Blue Eco (BE) RDF was introduced to the US market we were asked to rep the BE line but declined the invitation. The Hardgoods & Pond Building Divisions oversee the importation/distribution of the Profi Line of Products. Having an actual installer of the products as part of the team you will always be able to get any installation/technical issues handled immediately.

      Pond Equipment Manufacturing - Designs & Manufactures the KASS line of equipment.

      All this information has been provided to hopefully clear up any misconceptions and provide the consumer with knowledge of the Profi Line of products so you able to make an educated decision on which Rotary Drum Filter best fits your needs.

      Weekends are for Enjoying your pond..... not working on them.

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      Back in 2015 I met Mike for the first time at a koi show... from reading this forum I was convinced that the Blue eco was the way to go, I was unaware at the time that anyone other than Norm was selling the profi. After talking with Mike and digesting all the info I decided to take the plunge and go with the Profidrum... Best decision I ever made and the best investment I ever made on the pond, and there have been many. I installed mine in August of 2015 and it has never skipped a beat, I did have a small issue when installing it and Mike was on the phone with me on a Sunday and we got it fixed easily. Also, to my surprise, Mike hand delivered my unit and since I was installing it my self, he showed me how to install and some tips and tricks of how to run it. I have also been to Koi Acres facility and have seen the building with all of the stock parts for the profi units, there is great dealer and distributor support if there ever is an issue... The Swanson's are salt of the earth people and truly care about the well being of your pond and fish, it has been my honor to get to know each of them and call them friends...
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      Koi Acres and Mike Swanson in particular, along with Norm Walsh have given me service above and beyond! I had some issues that urned out to be installation related on my side, but Mike was with me every step of the way. I admire his dedication and professionalism. I have a Profi Drum 45/40 Eco and a CombiBio 50 and they give exceptional performance!
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      We recently put our Combi50 unit online and had called and left mike a message after hours. Guess what? He called me back. He answered our questions with the install.....
      . Great customer service and I'm looking forward to a successful relationship with Mike!
      Thanks Mike!
      Vince and Donna Hernandez

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