Just wanted to voice my opinion and support of Billy and Cascade Pond Supply. Kudos goes out to Cascade Pond Supply

I rencently took advantage of the "Koiphen Group" buy on the Seneye Water Monitoring System. When I had questions concerning the system prior to the purchase, Billy was very punctual and thorough in his reply.

Both Seneye and Billy expressed concern, to my wife and I, that the Seneye Monitoring System does not replace being deligent on monitoring ones Pond. That attention to customer care means a lot to us. This tool, the "Seneye System", has allowed us the luxury of being able to, at a touch of a button on our phone or iPad, have the ability to reduce any anxiety we may feel when we are away from home.

When we decided to make the investment the entire process from beginning to end was efficient, professional and as pleasant as can be when spending ones money. We feel very secure that not only will Seneye stand behind their product but we believe Billy and Cascade Pond Supply will too.

We felt and continue to feel so confident in Billy and Cascade Pond Supply that we recently made another pond product purchase from Billy.

Thanks again
Vince and Donna Hernandez