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    Thread: Taking Bonsai from Virginia to Florida

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      Taking Bonsai from Virginia to Florida

      I have several outdoor bonsai (Siberian elm, Chinese elm, juniper, weeping spruce, maple tree, gingko, azalea) in Virginia which has a real winter. I have had most of them for more than 10 years. We are considering a move to south Florida and I was wondering how they would do without a real cold winter.

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      Every year we go to the Hana Matsuri Festival (festival of the flowers) at the Buddhist Temple in Orange County California (southern Calif)...They have all types of beautiful bonsai's that they grow...I assume you should be able to grow them in Florida...You may have to shade them a little bit from the sun, and make sure that they drain well as some parts of Florida gets a lot of rain...I would say see if there is a Bonsai club or a Horticultural Society/Botanical Garden in the area you are thing about moving to.....They should be able to answer your specific area questions....Good Luck............

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      I see a lot of bonsai down here in FL. You need a quick draining planting medium because you wouold need to water them frequeently, some daily, due to the heat and evaporation down here. As an example, potted plants and hanging baskets usually need a daily watering. You'll want to keep them in the shade, or just to get morning sun.

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