I am setting up a 265 gallon aquarium. I have had fancy goldfish for 15 years. I have had HOBs and Canister filters. My biggest Tank so far is a 90 Gallon. So I want to go big 265 gallons. It will have 2 corner flos to the wet dry or sump. Either way I am ready to try a under tank filter. My concern is that the LFS says to use a wet dry filter. While my friend says to use a Reef sump with Filter Socks and ceramic media. I am new to wet dry filters and sumps this will be my first. Should I use a Wet Dry Filter is that my best freshwater option. I have seen ideas where people put ceramic media under the bio balls with great success. Is there any reason not to use this type of filter? The only reason I like the sump idea is Filter Socks, but I don't trust just submerged ceramic in a non wet dry sump to filter bio for goldfish. Thanks

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