Hi all,

I recently purchased a 75 gallon reef tank with built in overflow (2 bottom holes). I would like to use it for a fancy goldfish tank.

Trying to figure out the best way to set up the filter. I was thinking about just doing a sump, but to be honest it would be faster and easier for me to set up a canister. Wavering back and forth.

I was reading about ways to plumb an overflow with a canister and I understand the issues with doing it the typical way an overflow flows. But what if I plumbed it in reverse. Ie- the inflow pipe would enter the base of the tank in the overflow compartment and then flow out through the top INTO the aquarium. I would plumb a J or U shaped PVC to come up and around the overflow compartment and then back down through the floor of the tank to the canister.

Any thoughts? Other than my betta tank (Fluval Spec III) this would be the first tank I've have in a very long time. Very exciting.