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    Thread: Eco Pond Chips- An Alternative Moving Bed Media

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      Eco Pond Chips- An Alternative Moving Bed Media

      In addition to the Blue Eco RDF and Blue Eco pump, we are pleased to announce that we are now the United States distributors of Eco Pond Chips. The following will provide you with some information about the product.

      The Eco-Pondchip

      is a high-performance filter medium, that has proven itself very well for years in municipal and industrial large-scale systems. The Eco-Pondchip was further developed with the help of aquaculture and koi experts and optimized for use in filtration systems for koi ponds, swimming ponds and garden ponds. The material density and a very high porosity of the synthetic chips as well as its wing modeled form ensure an optimum flow of the polluted water as well as a good turbulence and self-cleaning of the chips in the moving bed filter chamber.

      Unlike municipal and industrial large-scale systems, in koi ponds and swimming ponds only relatively small quantities of filter material are needed in Koi ponds and swimming ponds. Because of this fact only a high quality virgin polyethylene granule is used for the production of the Eco-Pondchips. This material is also used in the field of food packaging. In case of that the Eco Pondchip is harmless in toxic aspects , because no recycled material with partly uncertain origin is used. The bacterial cultures can grow quickly on the chips this ensures an optimal performance degradation of the filter.

      Degrading performance
      About this much-discussed topic you can absolutely make no serious statement. It begins with the food, going on with the season, the water temperature, the stocking density, the solar radiation, the used water additives and of course the quality of the main filter, unfortunately there is a wide variety of factors which make a serious statement impossible. If you still believe the statements of many competitors put the statements in relation to the protected surface of the material to the value of 3500qm per 1000 liters of Eco Pondchip.

      The Eco Pondchip is used for the biological purification and detoxification of the pond water in the moving bed process. When the mechanical water treatment is finished, the biological filtering in the biofilm process using the Eco Pondchip is the optimal solution to decontaminate the water of ammonia / ammonium and nitrite. The chips are used as a single medium, up to a volume of 60% of the filter chamber. As well its a simple and inexpensive solution to upgrade an alredy existing filter (which is filled with other filter media), just by adding Eco Pondchips the degradation rate increase significantly.

      Energy saving
      Due to the optimized form of the chips, which makes a easy movement possible the power of the aerator pump can be reduced enormously.
      A reduction of pump performance by 40 Watts saves an amount of up to 100 a year

      The green high-tech chip have a diameter of 20 mm. The Eco-Pondchip has the same volume by up to 5 times higher biological settling area for bacteria than all the well known carriers which have been used up in moving bed filter chambers. 1000 liters Eco Pondchips have a surface area of about 3500 square meters (proven by the Bielefeld Institute BINAS)
      The Eco Pondchip has due to the biological filter area measured against all other Filter media an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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