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    Thread: A-1 Koi Ponds and Maintenance.

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      A-1 Koi Ponds and Maintenance.

      *********Japanese Imported Mixed Varietys Many Breeders Koi Sale*****
      Our newest shipment has arrived and is done with our strictest protocol of quarantine.

      OVER 2000 new tosai and nisai at the most affordable prices for authentic japanese koi from the top breeders in japan we are so confident in the great health of our fish that we have a 14 day
      guarantee of all live fish

      Nicks nishikigoi is proud to offer you 20% when mentioning koi phen. this shipment has some amazing fish containing a variety of breeds, sizes, quality and breeders. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, or to reserve your koi today at info@nicks koi.com. Thanks The nicks nishikigoi staff

      breed Size inches Price each

      Goshiki, D Goshiki 45%, Kujaku, D/Yamatonishiki, Kikus 5-6 35.00

       photo aok1_zps1c67912d.png

      Nisai Goshiki, D Goshiki 45%, Kujaku, D/Yamatonishiki, 10-12 175.00

       photo hir04_zps114a4fd7.png

      Hirasawa Tosai mix many varieties 5-6 25.00

       photo Ygr-02_zps0e43b8f0.jpg

      Hirasawa Tosai mix many varieties 6-8 35.00

       photo Ygr-02_zps0e43b8f0.jpg

      Hirasawa Nisai mix many varieties 10-12 150.00

       photo aok2_zpsa8f9377c.png

      Hosokai Gosanke, Shiro-Utsuri, Goshiki, Asagi, Shusui, Kujaku, Y 6.5-7.5 45.00

       photo Kan-10_zps7f871558.jpg

      Kaneko Kohaku, Sanke, Ochiba, Kujaku, Beni Kikokuryu, Metallic 5.5-6.5 49.00

       photo Kanno-03_zps0fb4f52f.jpg

      Katsumi Tosai Many Variety mix

      Tosai Mix: Many varieties 3-4 13.00

       photo miya_zps39b671de.png

      Marudo Tatehita Sanke 9-12 200.00

       photo mar_zps5b10e658.png

      Maruhiro Tosai mix many varieties 4-5 22.00

       photo maruhi_zpsa754af42.png

      Maruhiro Tosai mix many varieties 5-6 27.00

       photo maryu_zps0c242f6e.png

      Miya Gosanke, Gr Gosanke, D Gosanke, Kujaku, D Kujaku, Go 5-6 27.00

      Nagashima Tosai Showa (Momotaro Mako-Showa Bloodline) 6-8 75.00

       photo naga_zpsf141e3e0.png

      Otsuka Goshiki, Goshiki Showa, Kage Shiro Utsuri, Sanke, Shus 5-7 28

       photo otsuka_zps0a3a27cb.png

      Shinoda Doitsu Kohaku 50%, Doitsu Sanke, Doitsu Showa 6-8 48

       photo shinod_zpsf4d7d9d6.png

      Shinoda GR Showa 6-8 40

       photo shinodareg_zpsc1176471.png

      Suzuki D/Sanke, D/Kohaku,D/Showa Koromo, Showa, Kujaku (fe 5-6 35

       photo suzu_zps176a0bdc.png

      Suzuki D/Sanke, D/Kohaku,D/Showa Koromo, Showa, Kujaku (fe 6-8 45

       photo FBB5449D-4F36-45B5-8675-753EE1820FAE-1058-0000004F3830A4C6_zps9f69a8e3.jpg

      Yagenji Gosanke, Shiro Utsuri, Yamatonishiki, Karashigoi, Goshik 6-8 45

       photo yag_zps578d78b7.png

      Yamazaki Long Fin: Hi-Utsuri (GR), Sanke (GR), Ochiba, Chagoi, B 5-6 45

       photo yam_zpseea3db38.png

      WATCH THE VIDEO OF ALL THE FISH AND SIZE,BREEDER,TYPE HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://youtu.be/P6lVyk9OEfY

      VIEW MORE PICTURES at :http://www.nickskoi.com/apps/photos


      OVER 2000 KOI INSTOCK AND 40 different variety's !!!


      We have bags, boxes and oxygen for safe transportation

      Please call to setup an appointment or href="http://www.nickskoi.com/contactus.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.nickskoi.com/contactus.htm

      VISIT us at nickskoi.com

      You must leave your name & number so we can call you back.

      Call NicksNishikigoi @ (925)-236-0776
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      Awesome fish you are selling Nick, I wish I am staying in your city to grab some.. love the Hikari!

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