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You know Jim, I was rather surprised when you said you recently re-homed her. Then I went and looked at the picture you posted in November. I was looking specifically at the tail joint when all of a sudden it struck me - the top ray of the tail is crooked as it leaves the body. So, maybe you did better than you think when you sold it!lol
Its more than just that. It had a massive front shoulder area with a thick tail, but it was too compact in my opinion for those features. I think if it stayed that way but had another 3-4 inches in length it would have looked more proportioned to itself. Either way the new owners are happy as can be. They picked up others and they are aiming to buy my whole collection, especially the Ki Shusui. They had never been to the Orlando show and were stuck with some pet store koi they didn't enjoy. So my learning curve koi became big upgrades for them.