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    Thread: WWKC Vendor New Product Rollout

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      WWKC Vendor New Product Rollout

      The new Vendor Product Rollout section is intended for vendors to showcase new and innovative technologies or products. It gives vendors a place to provide information, pictures and videos about exciting product developments.
      Be prepared to answer questions from members about the product.

      This area is not for direct sales as that is the function of the Marketplace. The intent is to give vendors a specific area to showcase new products so they are not being introduced in Main, Construction or other areas. It will also be where threads or portions of threads that have morphed into what we feel are essentially displaying your product that belong here, will be moved.

      Guidelines for Product Rollout Forum:

      - No bumping
      - Vendors may not critique or harass on a fellow vendor thread

      For wet vendors, please use this section for new shipments, harvest or breeding programs. A different shipment, harvest or breeding program warrants its own thread with the same limit of one per month.

      - Threads introducing products in areas of the forum other than this section or the marketplace is prohibited. Such threads will be moved into the the vendor's marketplace and warnings will be given and actions may be taken by the forum mod/admin staff for continued non-compliance.

      As with all sections of the forum, TOS must be observed:



      IV. Personal attacks are prohibited on Koiphen forums. If you have an issue with someone’s idea, please criticize the idea, not the member. Non-compliance can potentially result in restrictive posting or membership termination/suspension.
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